ELVON Electric

Romanian company with a full romanian capital, come into being in 2011 as a necessity on the professional electrical equipments market in Romania.

  • We believe the Efficiency is the key to success in business.
  • We offer our own Logistics to support our partners.
  • We are certain the human element represents the most important Value in any organization.
  • We firmly affirm that the foundation of the strongest and most stable partnerships is honesty and Openness.
  • We promote the right to live for the next generations by respecting the Nature and protecting the environment.


ELVON ELECTRIC proposes a new approach for the electric equipment market, the final target being the development, with maximum professionalism, of both the level of quality of the products and the services provided.

Giving a proper selection in choosing our providers, we are extremely rigorous in selecting the most advantageous solutions for our clients, succeeding, while doing so, to give sense and value to the well-known phrase “the right quality/price rapport”.

Elvon Electric has a dynamic and motivated management team, with an experience of over 14 years on the market, offering its partners a correct business climate by promoting the concept of a win-win business type.

Elvon Electric meets the demands of its partners by having a storage surface of over 2000 mp, proving an proper understanding of the market demands and ensuring, this way, a continuous flux of supplies and also optimum conditions for products’ storage, in accordance with the requirements that come from the producers and the current normative requirements imposed by the European standards.

Elvon Electric offers its own logistics for its partners, in order to be able to answer in the right time to the most exigent requests.






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