Sensors - Photocell light switches

General description

Sensors for light control - photocell light switches


  • The sensor can turn the light on or off automatically, depending on the ambient light. It is not affected by ambient temperature and humidity. It is very convenient and practical;
  • It can control the operation of the consumer only at night, for example street lighting, garden lighting, etc.

Photocell light switch 220V/6A ajustable <5-15 LUX

Elvon code: 15001

Photocell light switch 220V/25A ajustable 220V/25A <5-50 LUX

Elvon code: 15002

Photocell 220V/10A ajustable <3-500 LUX PROGRAMABIL 1-9 H

Elvon code: 15003

Photocell light switch 220V/20A ajustable <2-100 LUX

cod Elvon: 15004