Protection - MPR fuses


General description

MPR fuses


  • Fuses are intended to protect conductors and equipment in installations against overload and short circuits, also having the role of visible separation in electrical installations.
  • Elvon fuses are made of ceramic material, filled with fine quartz sand to extinguish the electric arc. Inside this ceramic body there is a specially profiled fuse strip that connects the output terminals to current conductors.
  • The terminals are made of copper alloy, with a nickel coating, in the shape of knives, to increase the contact surface.
  • The fuses fall into the protection class “gL - gG”, of general use and normal operating speed, ideal for use in installations that include electric motors.
  • If the short-circuit current is higher than the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker, it is mandatory to install the fuses upstream.
  • For proper use, the sockets and fuses must belong to the same group.

Technical data


Elvon code Product name Group Current
16304 MPR fuse NH00C 10A NH00C 10A
16305 MPR fuse NH00C 16A NH00C 16A
16306 MPR fuse NH00C 20A NH00C 20A
16307 MPR fuse NH00C 25A NH00C 25A
16309 MPR fuse NH00C 35A NH00C 35A
16311 MPR fuse NH00C 50A NH00C 50A
16312 MPR fuse NH00C 63A NH00C 63A
16313 MPR fuse NH00C 80A NH00C 80A
16314 MPR fuse NH00C 100A NH00C 100A
16326 MPR fuse NH00 125A NH00 125A
16327 MPR fuse NH00 160A NH00 160A
16330 MPR fuse NH0 35A NH0 35A
16331 MPR fuse NH0 50A NH0 50A
16332 MPR fuse NH0 63A NH0 63A
16333 MPR fuse NH0 80A NH0 80A
16334 MPR fuse NH0 100A NH0 100A
16335 MPR fuse NH0 125A NH0 125A
16336 MPR fuse NH0 160A NH0 160A
16340 MPR fuse NH1 35A NH1 35A
16342 MPR fuse NH1 50A NH1 50A
16343 MPR fuse NH1 63A NH1 63A
16344 MPR fuse NH1 80A NH1 80A
16345 MPR fuse NH1 100A NH1 100A
16346 MPR fuse NH1 125A NH1 125A
16347 MPR fuse NH1 160A NH1 160A
16348 MPR fuse NH1 200A NH1 200A
16350 MPR fuse NH1 250A NH1 250A
16358 MPR fuse NH2 125A NH2 125A
16359 MPR fuse NH2 160A NH2 160A
16360 MPR fuse NH2 200A NH2 200A
16362 MPR fuse NH2 250A NH2 250A
16365 MPR fuse NH2 315A NH2 315A
16367 MPR fuse NH2 400A NH2 400A
16371 MPR fuse NH3 315A NH3 315A
16373 MPR fuse NH3 400A NH3 400A
16376 MPR fuse NH3 500A NH3 500A
16378 MPR fuse NH3 630A NH3 630A
16381 MPR fuse NH4 800A NH4 800A
16383 MPR fuse NH4 1000A NH4 1000A
16384 MPR fuse NH4 1200A NH4 1200A
16386 MPR fuse NH4 1600A NH4 1600A
16499 MPR safety extraction handle - -